The expertise of a residential structural engineer is extremely important in the construction of residential buildings. It is a key component of the whole construction process. While architects are concerned with the appearance and the use of the building, residential structural engineers handle the more technical side of things which involve solving the technical problems of the project and helping the architects turn their vision into reality.

Residential structural engineering a part of the wider civil engineering and is concerned with the building the design and maintaining physical integrity of the residential building. Residential structural engineers work both in the office and on the construction site; foreseeing and gathering data from the site while utilizing it to solve the problems from their offices. Depending on the size of the project, residential structural engineer can work long hours and might work in teams comprising of other professionals.

A residential structural engineer is creative, has an in-depth knowledge of physics and possesses the skills required for problem solving. It is through their valuable knowledge and expertise, they can make buildings safer and durable while maintaining the aesthetic vision of the architect. In order to do their job well, many responsibilities fall on the shoulder of residential structural engineer which mainly are as follows.

The building services consultants in Sydney must investigate and conduct a survey of building sites before construction begins in order to determine the feasibility of the project, suitability of the area and specify the requirements for the construction.

Design of the structure is the primary focus of the residential structural engineer. This is predicated by calculating the loads and stresses that the building can withstand. So it is important to weigh in the qualities of the building material and the incorporation of beams and foundations.

Depending on the size of the project, residential structural engineer might need to work with teams and coordinate with other members of the project including architects, technologists and other engineers. So it was very important that the residential structural engineer is able to communicate efficiently and coordinate with the other professional in order to effectively do their job.

Often residential structural engineers are given the responsibility of organizing and delivering the materials need for construction and for this purpose they might have to do managerial work and supervise the on-site labor to get the job done.

Residential structural engineers are responsible for the design of the building and safety is a major part of that. In order to ensure safety, the engineers must be well trained to meet the strict