Active Property Groups Aust. is very famous for aged care bathroom renovations, aged care home renovations, aged care additions and much more. We only not install disabled toilet in your bathroom but also have ability to renovate your complete bathroom as well including renovations Active Property Groups Aust. is also able to build new retirement home fit out in Sydney. At our end you will get all your need fulfilled at very affordable prices.  There are many reasons for which we are first choice for peoples as we are very much focused to provide best level services in very low prices as compared to market.

Below listed are the some of the factors which are our top most considerable factors.


Bathroom floor and room floor must be level for entrance.

There should be no similar obstacles or steps.

Level of the floor will make ease for the person sitting on the wheel chair.

Enough door space to enter and exit with very comfort.

36 inches of entrance is considered as ideal entrance.

Entrance can be built with the help of curtain or sliding door in some cases (where privacy doesn’t matter).

As per respect of customer we will fix a traditional door but it would be able to be unlocked from the outside as well.

Outside unlocking access of traditional door will make ease to approach to the person available inside the bathroom.


Mostly we install walk-in tubs and walk-in showers as both are ideal for disabled and aged peoples.

Upon request of the customer some bathroom renovated by us are included with a roll-in shower.

Roll-in shower will allow peoples with wheelchair to enter in the shower directly.

We also guide you about to get the best wheelchair which must be friendly with water to avoid any kind of tragedy that could be happened.


Higher toilet seats will be easy to sit for disabled and aged peoples and its height should be 18inches to get best output.

Comfortable handles can also be installed for support when standing from the toilet.

Handles are stainless and rust free.

 We are working for long time and can understand the needs of disabled and aged peoples regarding bathrooms and toilet also we use all products of trusted aged care additions in Sydney. Our services quality is also very highest and unmatched in the market. Contact us today to build or renovate bathroom for your aged loving ones in very reasonable prices. You will find us best in every aspect.