If you have recently decided to renovate your kitchen then you must search for the latest trends and designs. For quality assurance you can choose to buy all the products that are required in the kitchen renovation from stratcoas is possess a good name in providing quality house hold and renovating products. Before starting the kitchen renovations, you must gather the current trends and designs to make sure giving the best look to your kitchen.


In the modern trends people are more attracted to simpler things. Kitchen renovations in the latest trends are centered on the idea of minimalism or in other words to keep things simpler. This trend has increased the use of bench tops and cabinets with straight doors that can provide a wider space and enough space to adjust things more neatly. Another very popular thing in kitchen renovations in mornington peninsula are gloss finishes and wide open shelving to give your kitchen a modern and wide look.


The modern world is shifting towards making everything eco-friendly in the daily life. The purpose for this is to make the earth pollution free. When we talk about the latest trends in kitchen renovations, people are more inclined towards the eco-friendly fixtures. People are purchasing more products that emit low less amount of explosive organic compounds, which help in lowering the air pollution and installing lights that are more energy saver. Another options that are environment friendly is the wooden floors and stone counter tops. They give a classy stylish look which is very trendy now days and it is also environment friendly.


The trend of involving children in different kitchen activities to make them more productive has made parents to think about making kitchen renovations that are safer for children. Parents are more inclined to have designs that have the minimum chances of injuring the children. The biggest risk from the children working in kitchen is to turn on the stove accidentally, to avoid these kind of accidents, lockouts are very popular among renovators. These lockouts prevents the stoves to turn on accidentally. Another mechanism that is very trendy now days is the slowing down of cupboard doors and drawers from shutting down suddenly to prevent the fingers from getting into them.

Hidden appliances:

The trend of showing off the branded appliances is very unpopular bow days. People are more inclined towards the ideas and designs that have enough room to adjust their appliances inside the cabinets or the drawers. Now days, drawer fridge and freezers are more popular.

High Tech

With the advancement of technology people are more inclined towards making their kitchen renovations high tech. they desire to make their kitchen more or less a living room. For the purpose, televisions are very popular to be installed during kitchen renovations now days. Another thing that people are demanding now day is the ventilating hoods for the stoves. These hoods are now installed during the kitchen renovations to give it a high tech stylish look.