So pay attention to the above, and design the garden of your dreams. Everybody has a certain type of garden they would dream about owning. The romantics may want one with a lot of beautiful flowers and fountains with tall trees around the garden boundary. A person who loves to cook, may want a herb and vegetable garden. A child may want a garden filled with flowers and outdoor equipment to play in. some who just want to relax, may like a garden with a pond, beautiful flowers with a wonderful fragrance and trees providing shade. However all these gardens do not have to remain in dreams. If your house has some space that can be turned into a garden you should consider doing so. If you are wondering how, then I am here to help you.

The first thing anyone should do is observe the space and plot it out in some graph paper. This way you can know with some degree of accuracy how your garden looks. Then you need to speak with your family if they are staying with you and understand what they want. A garden is not just one person’s space. It is a space that is going to be shared by all the occupants of a house therefore you need to know what everyone would like to have in the garden. If you have a child, maybe they would like a swing set, your partner may fancy sandstone walls and a water fixture to keep the garden cool and maybe you would like an outdoor seating area to relax in.

Once you have a list of what you want, speak to landscape gardeners Brisbane and see what can be installed and where in the garden it has to be in. They will also be able to help you decide what plants to keep and design the garden layout for you.

When choosing flowers, you need to pay attention to colour. A good garden does have a lot of colours and textures but it also has something that ties everything together and keeps a sense of uniformity. Maybe you can have a flower that is repeated at certain points. Maybe you could choose a couple of colours you would like the garden to have, e.g. red, purple and blue with white and cream acting as neutrals. This way while there is colour it looks planned and there is a sense of uniformity and elegance.

The most important thing you need to do when designing the garden is being patient. Flowers take time to grow and you can’t just install everything in a month. Nature is beautiful and you can’t rush her. Take your time, work with the garden and let it grow at its pace. This way you can give proper and complete attention to everything in your garden. Keeping a garden neat and tidy is going to require a good amount of effort and even more so if this is the first garden you are going to own. So be patient and start small. Have your full plan ready but take it one flower bed at a time.