Nowadays, many homeowners decide to install a fence for their swimming pool. Many have decided to invest in the safety and health of friends, family members, and neighbors. One of the concerns of pool owners is that a kid can fall in the pool and drown. Moreover, fences can protect the elderly members of the family and even pets. Whether you have kids or not, pool fencing is something that you should think about now. As a matter of fact, it can be required by the homeowner’s association or the local authorities. In this article, we will discuss the complete guide in the installation of the swimming pool fence:

Create the Holes for the Post

Begin your project with cleaning and clearing the surrounding of the pool. See to it that all garbage and foliage is eliminated when doing the pool fencing Perth. Next, put the string line as you create the spots where you will dig the holes. Mark the spots with the use of the fence panels. To dig the holes, you can use the power auger. Its size will depend on the poles’ size. However, in general, the pole measures around 20 cm in diameter and its depth is around 60 cm. At the top portion of the posts, put a string line. Then, allow a 5 cm gap on top and 10 cm underneath the panel. See to it that the latch post is 30 cm above the gate. Now, you can place the poles at the holes that you dig. Thereafter, you can out concrete at the holes. To prevent any runoff, make sure that the surface is sloped downwards.


Cut the rail ends of the panel especially if the fencing needs to be different from the 90 degrees requirement. You can do this by yourself or with the help of fencing contractors. Then, use of cutoff wheel or an angle grinder. You can smooth the cut ends with the use of paint.

Attach the Gate

Now, you can attach the hinges on the gate with the use of the screws. Make sure that it is 8 cm above the rails. Also, it must be at the same level as the base rails. Be careful with regards to the spacing of the gate. Take note that the gate should be at the same level and you can use the torpedo level. When it comes to the fence installation, make sure that the gates can be installed that they can be opened away from the swimming pool. As you fix the gate in its place, put on the latch. See to it that it measures 150 cm above the ground. Place the springs on the hinges so it will automatically close when opened.