Synthetic grass is typically made of a man-made thread or fibre which looks exactly like original grass. It is available in green and brown colour to give it original look and its piles are available in different heights. Its formation is the same as carpets’ with a solid back and synthetic grass is stitched by a machine. It is used in sports stadiums when the changing of weather makes the playground dull and plain without greenery.

About EPDM granules

High quality EPDM granule is made by original rubber and polymers which is resistant to water and UV Rays. It has elasticity. It is used to made sports ground like bocce courts, tennis courts and indoor-outdoor tracks. It is available in different colours which increase the beauty of grounds.

Benefits of EPDM granules

• Durable and flexible- EPDM granule is very flexible that it could be fitted around skylight, gutters and pipes. It does not crack due to changing in the climate even it could bear dryness and moisture. It is durable that could be used for sealing.

• Effective as roofing- This product is very effective even best to use as roofing and flooring. It is breathable and can minimize cooling and heat which is suitable in all type of weather.

• Recyclable- Its roofing’s are reused and recyclable which can reduce the cost.

Benefits of choose synthetic grass

 Save water- Natural grass takes a lot of water to grow but synthetic grass does not require water which reduces the cost of water bills

 Looks always fresh- Natural grass get dead or die due to the changes of weather but synthetic grass always looks fresh and stay green.

 Save time- Natural grass is required regular care and maintenance but synthetic grass required only onetime installation and you save your time in your routine.

 Save money- It saves the salary cost of gardener which you hire for the care and maintenance of your natural grass.Types of synthetic grassThere are some common types of synthetic grass.

Polypropylene- This looks like real grass because it has fine texture but less expensive. This grass is light weighted and can be used for indoor and outdoor installation. It is very affordable.

Nylon- This grass is stronger than all other types of synthetic grass and that’s why remains in its original formation and shape.o Polyethylene- It is easy to maintain with good quality of green colour. Many people choose it for their homes.

Final draft

Choosing the best quality of synthetic grass or EPDM granule is a one-time decision that can save or waste your investment and time. Wetpour safety surface specialists help you to in saving you money and time. We provide you, professionals, according to your requirements and project. We have the best quality landscaping material and expert to install that material properly. We provide maintenance guidance to keep your playground and synthetic lawn in Sydney green and eye-catching.